Turn Our IoT Data Platform Into Yours

Give your users a data analytics solution built for speed, reliability, and scale.

Your URL
Access your data and tools under your domain or subdomain (e.g. https://analytics.<your domain>.com).
Your Logo, Your Colors
Our branding is replaced by your branding to make our platform look and feel like yours.
Your Data
The data streamed into your account belongs to you and is protected by multiple layers of enterprise-grade security.
Your Users
Your users login through either a hosted portal or a simple single sign-on (SSO) solution.

Go Live Now!

Time to market is critical. Waiting just a few months can cost you everything. Launch your IoT data solution now without waiting. You can go from start to fully launched by next week.

Stay on the bleeding edge

We never stop building new features and improving the user experience. Your users get instant access to what our team is constantly deploying. It is like having an elite development team that is constantly improving your product (because they are) without hiring any new developers.

Get Started for $500/mo
  • Your URL, logo, colors, users, and data
  • Your own hosted user portal or a single sign-on (SSO) solution
  • As little as $10/mo per individual user account